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Empoderando a las juventudes indígenas



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The Abya Yala Indigenous Youth Network, RJI or RED, has articulated the voice of indigenous youth, promoting their rights in various thematic areas and local actions.


The RJI connects local actions, of youth organizations, to build a coalition for their rights.


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The Abya Yala Indigenous Youth Network, RJI or RED, is a platform that seeks to articulate different experiences in promoting the rights of indigenous peoples, particularly indigenous youth.


So that your organization, focal point or leader can take part, we invite you to learn more here .

The Abya Yala Indigenous Youth Network, RJI or RED is a regional platform of indigenous youth organizations, indigenous organizations with focal points for youth issues and youth leaders, dedicated to promoting, protecting and defending the rights of indigenous youth.


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Indigenous peoples have the right, without discrimination, to the improvement of their economic and social conditions, among other spheres, in education, employment, professional training and retraining, housing, sanitation, health and social security [… ] particular attention will be paid to the rights and special needs […] of young people, children.

Article 21, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Empower indigenous youth in Abya Yala

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