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Multitud con máscaras

Our actions to face the

COVID-19: indigenous youth, seedbeds of traditional food systems


Information campaign

Infographics allow quick access to information on indigenous food systems and care to face COVID-19.

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The young Mayans had various activities, including the delivery of traditional food and biosafety utensils. An information campaign on traditional radios, infographics and a mural that vindicates cultural identity and resistance to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mexico: San Juanito

Young Zapotecs from the community of San Juanito, Oaxaca, faced COVID-19 by donating traditional food and biosafety utensils. The activities also included an information campaign with infographics.

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Mexico: Chalco Valley

The young people of Valle de Chalco promoted the use of infographics to prevent the increase in COVID-19 cases. The young people inaugurated community gardens, where, through traditional practices, food is produced for the same communities.

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Young Aymara women prepared chinstraps with traditional designs. The same chinstraps were delivered along with food and biosafety elements to face COVID-19.

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