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About us:

The Abya Yala Indigenous Youth Network (Latin America and the Caribbean, LAC), RJI-LAC or RED, is a regional platform of indigenous youth organizations, indigenous organizations with focal points for youth issues, and indigenous youth leaders. Our objectives are to promote, protect and defend the rights of indigenous youth.

[…] We wish the survival of ancestral knowledge, which is related to the care of Mother Earth, peace, the right to life and the guarantees of living with dignity […]

Cristina Bautista, young heroine Nasa.

Our Mission

Our vision

Based on the indigenous principles of our cultures, which have been transmitted by our elders and our elders, our vision is to transform the world towards a world for everyone in communion with Mother Earth.


Our mission

Our mission is to articulate different efforts led by indigenous youth to promote, protect and defend human rights, particularly the rights of indigenous youth. We seek to strengthen unity among the different indigenous youth efforts, train ourselves, and increase our participation in decision-making processes at all levels.

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Our objectives

Our objectives are to promote the empowerment of indigenous youth within their communities and encourage their participation in spaces that affect their rights.

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