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Our principles

The Abya Yala Indigenous Youth Network (Latin America and the Caribbean, LAC), RJI-LAC, is guided by the following principles.

  • RJI is guided by the inherent values of indigenous cultures, including respect for the sacredness of all life and Mother Earth.

  • The role of the RJI, actions and reflections, is based on the wisdom of our elders, on traditional teachings and spiritual practices.

  • The RJI continues, respects and honors the historical struggle of our indigenous peoples and nations.

  • RJI respects and empowers the participation of young women and girls, and promotes gender equality.

  • The RJI seeks a continuous dialogue, under the principles of respect, solidarity and consensus, as the main instrument for conflict resolution.

  • The RJI recognizes that indigenous youth articulate because they share common challenges; RJI also recognizes each indigenous culture as unique and each struggle reflects diverse historical conditions.

  • RJI respects the right of each member organization to define and pursue its specific objectives and strategies for its context.

  • RJI expects its leaders and members to demonstrate the highest level of respect and consideration in their actions.

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