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Our community

Central America

  1. Commission for the Youth and Childhood of Indigenous Women for Ciarena (Mexico)

  2. Kee na'an Collective (Mexico)

  3. Youth Collective Step by Step (Mexico)

  4. Collective, Bibani Baadu´ (Mexico)

  5. Collective Yani Tundavii Dikuintií (Mexico)

  6. Acatepec Women's House (Mexico)

  7. Embera General Congress of Alto Bayano (Panama)

  8. Ixq'aniil Women's Association (Guatemala)

  9. Indigenous Women of Wanki Tngni (Nicaragua)

  10. Center for the Autonomy and Development of Indigenous Peoples - CADPI (Nicaragua)

South America

  1. Indigenous Youth Network of Brazil (Brazil)

  2. National Commission of Indigenous Youth of Brazil (Brazil)

  3. Terena Youth Council (Brazil)

  4. Coordination of indigenous organizations in Brazil (Brazil)

  5. Association of Indigenous Academics of Brasilia (Brazil)

  6. National Commission of Indigenous Students of Brazil (Brazil)

  7. Potiguara Youth Network (Brazil)

  8. Coordination of the Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Maranhao - COAPIMA (Brazil)

  9. Codification of the Indigenous Youth of Pernambuco - COJIPE (Brazil)

  10. Kaigang Youth (Brazil)

  11. Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of the South (Brazil)

  12. Indigenous Council of Tapajos and Arapiuns (Brazil)

  13. Tikuna indigenous communicators (Brazil)

  14. Association of the indigenous youth of Dourados (Brazil)

  15. Indigenous Land Association of Xingu (Brazil)

  16. Instituto Raoni - Movimento de Juventude Mebengokre (Brazil)

  17. Council of the Charua Nation - CONACHA (Uruguay)

  18. Articulation of the indigenous peoples and organizations of the Northeast and Minas Gerais (Brazil)

  19. Center for Multidisciplinary Studies-Aymara - CEM-Aymara (Bolivia)

  20. Indigenous Youth Network of Peru (Peru)

  21. National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (Colombia)


  1. Indigenous Council of Central America (El Salvador)

  2. English Guyana Community (English Guiana)

  3. Organisatie van Inheemse Volken - Surinan (Surinan)

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